Goeteborg, Sweden, 14.03.2014: The Exchange performing at the Scandinavium
Trondheim, Norway, 10.03.2014: Dressingroom of The Exchange in Spektrum Trondheim
Trondheim, Norway, 10.03.2014: The Exchange performing as Supportband for the Backstreet Boys at the Spektrum Hall in Trondheim.
Berlin, Germany, 04.03.2014: while the last song on the evening for The Exchange
Rotterdam, Nederlands, 22.03.2014: The Exchange greeting the audience as support for the Backstreet Boys
Milano, Italy, 23.02.2014: Entering the plane to Warsaw.
Berlin, Germany, 04.03.2014: Chris, Jamal, Aaron, Alfredo and Richard wishing themselfs good Luck before entering the Stage in Berlin
Berlin, Germany, 04.03.2014: Alfredo on the Stage gets the audience to cheer
Barcelona, Spain, 20.02.2014: Chris is taking a selfie in front of La Sagrada Famiglia in Barcelona for the social-media-streams of The Exchange.
Italy, 21.02.2014: Richard and Greg are reading in the van on the way to Milano in the middle of the night.
Goeteborg, Sweden, 14.03.2014: The Exchange performing at the Radisson Blu Riverside
Denmark, Copenhagen, 15.03.2014: The crowd cheers while the band is taking a selfie
Berlin, Germany, 04.03.2014: Richard, Chris, Alfredo and Jamal waiting for their Soundchecktime
Stockholm, Sweden, 13.03.2014: The Exchange performing in Stockholm
Barcelona, Spain, 20.02.2014: Alfredo signing CDs for the fans in Spain
Manchester, United Kindom, 30.04.2014: Aaron of The Exchange is leaving the hotel on the last city on the tour.

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